Project Overview

This sourceforge project aims to implement games for mobile phones based on the J2ME / Java language, supported by many phones. So far we have implemented a Sudoku and a Freecell game.

Both of these games are complete and running well, I enjoy them almost daily on my phone - they are the perfect thing to fill in those otherwise wasted gaps in a day where you are otherwise stuck waiting.

For both of these games, the next step is to expand compatibility to other phones and improve documentation / help. New features will also be added.

Project stage - Freecell

If you like Freecell on Windows, you will love this. The user interface is simple - press 1-8 for the 8 card piles, 9 to select the freecells and 0 for the ending stacks. Cards which can be safely moved to the ending stacks are moved automatically. moves from card pile to card pile are also automatic.


The game is currently optimized for a nokia 6230i phone which has a 208x208 screen. The software should run fine on larger screens but to support smaller screens, we need to develop new symbols for the graphics. If you are interested in helping out here, please contact me.

Project stage - Sudoku

Originally developed in the smmj sourceforge project I have made many improvements to this, including a much improved user interface, support for showing trial numbers in the cells and also for an automatic solver.


At this stage the only further work planned here is to improve the documentation and help. Of course if anyone has a cool idea - request it and ill see what I can do.


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